Thursday, 10 January 2013

URGENT - Letter to write by 12th January

The Save our Playclub Campaign is at an important stage now. The Council will be making its decision in February whether to cut all funding to all Playclubs in the Borough.

This Saturday, the Labour Councillors have an away day to decide which proposals remain in the cuts document. You need to let your local Labour representative know how important the Playclub is to you. We include a template below you may want to adapt to send.  If you can't do this by Saturday, please send as soon as possible as they are also meeting on Monday evening for further discussions.

We are also asking you to email Mayor Sir Steve Bullock and Cllr Helen Klier, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People as well. The contact are below:

Mayor Sir Steve Bullock

Cllr Helen Klier (Cabinet Member for Children and Young People)

Brockley Councillors,

Crofton Park Councillors ,

Evelyn Councillors ,

Lewisham Central Councillors , ,

New Cross Councillors , ,

Telegraph Hill Councillors , ,

Remember to include your address. If you are unsure who your Labour Councillors are please click on the link and enter your postcode.

We need to show our elected representatives how important the Playclubs are to our children and community.

Dear Labour Elected Representative,

Lewisham Generation Playclubs

I live in your Constituency at <<insert address and postcode>>.

As you will be aware, Lewisham Council are currently proposing to ‘stop providing Generation Play Clubs’ in our borough and this includes Telegraph Hill Playclub.

Please support our campaign to save Lewisham’s Playclubs - they provide free early learning and peer-group parental support in a safe and healthy environment and have been part of our community for the last 50 years.

This attempt to save money by ending universal Early Years provision and instead concentrating solely on ‘targeted’ help (via its Children’s Centres) is totally misguided and will very soon backfire socially and financially.  Research studies show that there are many families in need that only universal provision can reach, a finding borne out by talking to Playclub users who have seen both sides of the coin.  The short session/ cramped room/targeted-families-only/council-official-support nature of targeted help is much less attractive than the all-day/open space/big social mix/peer-group support of Playclubs.  Targeted families need support at this vulnerable time, not stigmatisation.

Our local Playclub  <<insert name of Playclub>>   is important to me because <<insert a few lines telling your story>>  (e.g. it enables me to go to work, college, meet other parents, learn new skills, get help with childcare)

Please, support our campaign by  continuing to fund Playclubs.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Next week's activities will include signing the toddlers petition to keep Playclubs free which will be at the Playclub next week and writing to your local MP.

Many thanks for your continued support.