Monday, 14 January 2013

Update from Cllr Bell about proposed cuts

Here is an update on what happened at the weekend sent to us by Cllr Paul Bell who has been supportive of our campaign . It is not good news as it means the cuts will be highly likely to be voted through in February.

"The Labour Group discussed the Stay & Play Clubs, unfortunately against a background of £53.5 million of cuts. The starting point was to agree the cut so that they would be closed from April 2013 onwards. After a debate, it was agreed to close the play clubs but to find a community solution. There are no further details on this at present.
I have asked for an exact breakdown of the Stay & Play Club costs." Cllr Paul Bell 14/1/2013
What can you do? We can still fight to keep our playclubs inclusive and free.
1) Get your toddler to sign the handprint petition by Friday 18 January.
Babies can also sign by hand or foot print if easier. A copy of the petition is at the Telegraph Hill Playclub and others will be taken to local toddler groups and nurseries over the next week. Volunteers can collect prints for the petition by going to the Playclub and collecting materials.
2) Be ready to attend a meeting about what we want from our community offer when it is arranged.
We need as many of our supporters to become active in getting the best Playclub we can possibly offer, free at the point of access. Watch this space. Please also let us know if you have any ideas, by emailing us at

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