Friday, 9 November 2012

Why is the playclub so important?


Hundreds of local children in one of London’s poorest boroughs face losing a safe and free place to play due to future council cuts.
The Telegraph Hill Playclub, which has been a vital part of the community for over 50 years, is threatened with closure as part of proposed cuts to be decided by the Mayor of Lewisham in February 2013.
Parents and carers have therefore set up the ‘Save Telegraph Hill Playclub’ campaign in order to protect this fundamental service. A public meeting attended by local Councillors launched this campaign on Saturday 10th November.
Many children everyday attend the club and local parents and carers explain it also provides somewhere where they can support each other and avoid the crippling isolation that many people experience when looking after small children.
The Playclub, based in Telegraph Hill Lower Park, provides a stimulating place for all local children to play indoors and outdoors every weekday in beautiful park surroundings with a range of toys, which inspire creative play and socialisation.
Local parent, Laura Brereton says “My son and I use the club at least once a week and sometimes everyday! It is a place where you are always welcome, given support on the days when your child is hard to manage and also a place to celebrate the good times. We have both made so many friends here which was particularly important for me as a new mum finding my feet.”
Local mum Yasmin Rizvi says “Being a self employed single mum, the Playclub in Telegraph Hill has played a vital role in mine and my child's daily life. It has been a place where both of us learn and discover new things, meet new people, but mostly enjoy the freedom of play, a luxury that is becoming more and more difficult to obtain.
Local childminder Sonia Quinn says “As childminders this is a valuable resource for us to meet and support each other as we don't have drop-ins like other areas in Lewisham.”
To support the campaign please sign the petition in person at New Cross Learning or Telegraph Hill Playclub or online at
Save Telegraph Hill Playclub Campaign

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